henryclin60, Alton, United States

View my outdoorgame

Hi angel and my favourite.. this is the sport i love doing, log in Its outdoor adventure gate way.

urgirlholly, Bethlehem, United States

In search of an everlasting love

Hi my name is Holly. I am a mature independent down to earth woman, looking for an ever lasting love only. And to answer that "question"....Yes I do date white men. I am black, I like to consider myself attractive, and I am full figured. I am not high maintenance, but I do like to take care of myself. I am the type of woman who can throw on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, or wear something sexy and not take all day to get ready. I love to have a good time, either by going out for a di…

dating_fish23, Las Vegas, United States

Looking for single dating fish

Hello all dating fishes, I am a single Asian American woman who lives in las vegas, california. Drop me a line if you like my profile so we can go out for a date sometimes. I am looking for a single dating fish for long term relationship and marriage.

brullhardt, Rabat, Morocco


hello dear friend,I hope that every things is ok with you as is my pleasure to contact you after viewing your contact which really interest me in having communication with you,my email is Remember that distance or age or color does not matter but discovering ourselves as good friends matters a lot in lifecontact me through my email address so that i can able to tell you more about my self okay,yours friend,

bebutex, United States


To be a President of your country, Governor of your state or a Leader in any organization that you might find yourself in life today, Is not by how violence and rituals you might be over getting the post. But is by God giving appointment. And whom ever God gives the crown of leadership. Nobody can take it from thatperson, if the person is maintaining the rigid doctrines and principles from God.And to my own understanding, To be a leader is very easy and simply tax. But that dose not mean that yo…

bebutex, United States


Marriage is a lifetime institution, that really needs and requires the maximum cooperation of each others in the family to play they roles and responsibilitie­s. In order to make it a happy and successful great family. And despite of how good you and all members of your family might be living today, problems and misunderstandin­g must definitely occur in between you and any member of your family. Why, Because we are not perfect and we are humans, and the probability of us making mistake or havin…

abovelove5, United States

am looking for a good girl

am looking for good,nice,cool and easy going girl for relationship.

clockmaker, Canada

Coming Home

You know, you don't have to wait for a special occasion or holiday to make the loved one in your life feel special. With a little imagination, we can make our special person feel wonderful, loved and special. Valentine's Day is coming soon. Use your imagination to make him/her realize that they really do mean something special to you.This is just a thought I had one day and decided to share it with others. Good luck to you all!Coming Home After what seemed to be an almost endless day,…

clockmaker, Canada

The New Neighbors Part II

(I continue the story, having had to break it into 2 parts due to size limits on blogs.) As I grew older, Mr. Dotson taught me about love. He told me of how he had gone to ask Mrs. Dotson’s father for permission to take her to their high school sweetheart dance. How the Mrs. father had teased him that first time he asked her to the dance. He also told of how a few years later he went to ask her father’s permission to take her as his bride and how scared he was to ask. As they looked at each othe…

clockmaker, Canada

The New Neighbors Part 1; A True Story

Most of us know that the things we experienced in life are the things that molded us into what we are today. This is the story of a young boy, me, and an elder couple that I met one summer day, by chance. It is the story of how they took me under wing, taught me many things, including what real love is.It was the typical June day in northeast Oklahoma. The spring rains had been over for several weeks. It was late morning. There was a gentle breeze blowing and the temp was in the upper 80s alread…

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