I'm very cool and nice to be with just want a man that we live happily with me.

I will want you please tell me more about yourself before we go on with this conversation,i am a lady that need to get to know more about the opposite side before moving on.so i will be very happy to know more about you if you can asnwer all my questions with all honesty of heart...
what is your name ?
How old are you ?
what do you do for fun?
what do you do for a living ?
what your marital status?
Tell me about your past relationship if married before ?
How long did your last relationship last?
Do you have kids ?
How many kids do you ?
Will you like to have more kids if you finally get a woman of your dream?
What is your best colour?
what is your best food? want to know if you are a vegtarian of junk foods?
Do you live alone or stay with friends?

We can chat here


Hangout: lazardjackson886@gmail.com

Mushabe, 19991216, Kampala, Central, Uganda

Here IAM

Abel4232, 19880404, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

I'm John from Lagos 33 years old, I love football, swimming, am jovial fun to be with. I hate lies. The seed of God is in me. I do business, and try to be a man by the grace of God. I like you and am single. Text me to know more and

Option0104, 19910717, Pokharā, Kaski, Nepal

im ready

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