Ormal_Josphine, 19961229, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

Caring and love

I want someone calm both inside and outside, an honest, loving, caring, trustworthy,hardworking, Godfearing, kind, romantic, passionate, kidloving, generous and respectful. Someone who I have trust, honesty and faith in him... I want someone to love me for me and me alone and not love me for what I do for them cause I give it all when it comes to a relationship and always there for my man, if he does this, I will treat him like no woman as ever I treated him and make him my one and only Love. Mo…

Moore22, 19850404, Epe, Lagos, Nigeria

Am still looking for the right person

I was giving birth to a wonderful family 49yrs ago. My dad was an American man that married a nageria woman due to his service and work in nageria when he was younger, he was in the marine until he left and become civil engineer. I was their only son and child. I’m very simple, caring, honest and self independent..I got married and enjoyed my matrimonial home. I and my then wife gave birth to a girl and she’s so beautiful and I love her wholeheartedly. Well, I and my wife lived happily and I wor…

Honeywealth, 19970728, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HYPERTENSION What is hypertension?Hypertension is a disturbance in hemodynamic function in which there is a persistent abnormal elevation of systemic blood pressure. Whether systolic or diastolic they are above the normal pressure of 150/90 mm Hg of a healthy human.The pressure which takes place within the arterial side of the cardiovascular system, which is essential for blood pressure, Is called” blood pressure”. It is calculated in mm of mercury(hg) and the most co…

Lazard886, 19920623, Schuylerville, New York, United States


I'm very cool and nice to be with just want a man that we live happily with me. I will want you please tell me more about yourself before we go on with this conversation,i am a lady that need to get to know more about the opposite side before moving i will be very happy to know more about you if you can asnwer all my questions with all honesty of heart...what is your name ?How old are you ?what do you do for fun?what do you do for a living ?what your marital status?Tell me about your…

My motives

My motives

There are many women, but I am entitled to only. The Angel who will things at the right place. My experience here teaches a lot. Many are not real and with calmness and patience I am going to get the right one. . I am wishing anyone who is here with good intentions to accomplish their mission. As a good friend to everyone let's be careful with the fake ones, And to our cherish ladies, at least reply us back to tell us what you have for than to leave us with no reply

KC4611, 19931202, Mzuzu, Mzuzu City, Malawi

The love that I will give to my woman is genuine

I may not have the riches, cars, money or people may call me poor . But my mind is very rich. It is still functioning properly. other people might have all the money, but still struggle in their family issues. i therefore, look forward to my soulmate, the queen of my heart. The one that I will adore. Someone I will call the mother of my children. Im looking forward to that luckiest woman. the woman that will love me the way i am not what I have. The woman who will lead me towards spiritual growt…

Kateme212, 19910414, Los Angeles, California, United States

Hookup and long time relationship

Love is a friendship that has caught fire, it is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.What single women need in their men?If you can do 50/100 of these great things for your woman, then you drop me a message because I want to be your friend or even a husband. or text me +1 234 264-7212

mengistu, 19880506, Āwassa, Southern, Ethiopia

hi all my friends!!

hi everybody this is me..Banti, Mengistu. am from Awassa, southern, Ethiopia am not that much perfect at English language, because its not my mother language but i try my best to improve it. am here just for looking serious relationships. with do respect ... i don't like gay or lesbian friends sorry for that. i prefer girls only am straight man. for thus who are my friends and reply my inbox messages thanks all of you i hope we will be coming something and strong friends. love has no border…

Hastino, 19891213, Bauchi, Bauchi, Nigeria

Happy New Year Lovelies

Its a new day, new month and a fresh year, may we all get whatever we have been praying for this new year and our lives be sanctify with joy, love, prosperity, peace, success, wealth and above all health. I really want to use this medium to say thanks for been part of me and I truly love ❤️ you all from the deepest part of my heart. I'm friendly, loyal, humble and God fearing, you can chat me up to know more about me on WhatsApp @ +2347068940158 or im a single handsome…

Lindathomahh, 19961206, Colorado City, Arizona, United States

Long term relationship and dating available for hook up

I don't want any fake man here please This is my hangout ID:- Love is a friendship that has caught fire, it is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.

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