Glosh, 19970610, Kampala, Central, Uganda

Sexual health for Ugandans

If you are in Uganda and you need sexual free to WhatsApp me on +256755328891. You don't need to leave unhappily. We have very effective products that are 100% natural. If you are in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania, I can help you. Inbox for details on my WhatsApp. For chronic diseases like cancers, pressure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, infertility, skin challenges, dental health, sight problems, mental problems and more, you can contact me as well. We also carry out general body c…

Kiana, 19990214, Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa


A wise man once told me we women tend to acquire a lot from men...Once a man approaches us he has one thing in mind which is "sex' obviously he'll have to date you first us not knowing the true intentions since we just want a committedrelationship we bind by their rules we fall into their trap...Not focusing on the main thing a man can never be commited to you if he's not at where he wants to be eg:being financially stable so that they can be able to take care of their needs…

Stephanie, 19970816, Tafuna, Western, American Samoa

In need of a relationship

Good day everyone am Stephanie whips from America am here to find my soulmate since i was Born have never experience love, am seriously in need of a kind and generous man to spend my life with.. if you are man come to my inbox let get to know each other very well to know if we can go together as couples.. Note you must be from the age of 25 and above.I am looking for new male friends or pen pals who live locally or around the world who respect his woman.Write me some comments below if you found…

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