What single women need in their men?

If you can do 50/100 of these great things for your woman, then you drop me a message because I want to be your friend or even a husband.

Women are often realistic. After getting married, women will no longer dream but expect and expect for their men.

After the romance that couples sometimes love for each other, when going home, they will have more realistic thoughts. What wives need from their husbands is not necessarily something so great, they just need their men to be responsible, cherish and love their family.

Some of the 'needs' below that women always hope their loved ones understand and strive for in life.


Women often wish for a capable husband and a solid support for the family. This will make wives proud and a little bit proud to see their husband's successes.

Having a husband and wife agreement not only in their own life but also at work will make the couple 'slap the East Sea also dry'. The wife's understanding, knowing how to motivate at the right time will make the husband firmly on the path of conquering the career path. Always believe in yourself, become an influential man, sure to make your wife and relatives always proud of you.

Know how to soothe

Before quarrels and disagreements, men often choose to leave. However, this action will make women feel hurt, and there are negative inferences.

What they need in their men is patience, knowing how to soothe. No matter how strong a woman is, she is still the weak sex and always wants to be protected, patient and not accepted from her loved one.

Private space

Giving each other private space is especially important and is sometimes seen as the 'secret' to keep family happiness. The couple really need to create a little space for each of them to relax and meet friends.

This seemingly simple thing but quite rare for a wife who is always busy with children, cleaning the house and cooking.

Creating a private space, encouraging the wife to spend time with herself doing what she likes will make the woman touched and show her respect for her psychological and loving husband.

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