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Hi! My name is Eddie, and I'm a 32 YO man. I am just starting to DATE. I have never saw a NAKED WOMAN before. I don't believe in porn, because it's been proven that 98% of pornstars are BOUGHT through human trafficking.meand, and I'm completely against that activity. If you live near Butler county, PA, please send me a message, so we can start chatting. My Facebook name is Ed Stevens. Just send me your name, do I can keep an eye out for your request. Please be patient, because I work Monday through Friday, 1400-2200 (2pm & 10pm). I will promptly accept the request ONLY if I have a heads up from you. No one night stand, cheaters, or 3somes. I am only looking for straight women, so if any of the above, because I will block you immediately, with no hesitation given. Thanks and I look forward to talking soon!?


Eddie, New fish in the ocean

Hi guys, I found this free dating app on Google play store and I installed it a few days ago. I get acquainted with my male friends around the world. It is free so I don't pay any money for using this service. I am an single California girl who lives in United States so I like to find new male friends or pen pals around the world. If you need an Asian female friend to travel with then drop me some words. Thanks.


Hannah, Am single

I was born in Berlin Germany but I do live in la Mesa San Diego California an independent drilling contractor a widower with a son Bryan. An only child lost both parents at a tender age, my late wife died of cancer few years after Bryan was born and now I'm single looking for a honest, loving, caring lady and a nice friend... As for my personality, I think I am good-natured and easy-going person. It’s a bit difficult to describe myself, however I think that I’m patient, flexible, Honest, caring, humor, love, faith, passionate, And Also considerate person but with a character and my own opinions. I’m kind and pay attention to other people’s feelings. I am looking for my life partner. Love is all about communication and commitment.

jarvis fall

jarvis fall, About myself

I am Kilobyte DC. I am 21 years old.I am looking for a beautiful lady or woman who is single to date and can also help me in achieving my dream's and that I can truly love and trust forever. Please WhatsApp me if interested (+233545929803). I am a handsome boy but from a poor home. So please I need a beautiful rich lady or woman to date and can also sponsor me. Thank you.

Kilobyte DC

Kilobyte DC, Woman or lady that can help me and I can trust forever.

I'm single with no kids looking for a serious relationship and a good caring man I love a man in marriage or single with no kids which who is handsome that took a good care and serious with relationship Am still backing on the word "Trust"i believe by the time we will both agreed and accept that the word Trust is very much important in our relationship...then we are Going to live a peaceful and prosperous life together with our family to come.I believe that the most important 'key' to a successful relationship would have to be'Trust'. I believe that with trust, love will follow. However, what I have noticed is that many people think trust, or expect that trust is to been arned by the other person, when in all actuality it is something that comes from within Yourself. All too many times people will say they don't trust due to past experiences. What they don't realize is that they have built up those proverbial walls to protect them from the very thing they are searching for

Nellcy mary

Nellcy mary, Putting smiling face

I'm felix new here looking for long term relationship not joke game and playing I'm single never married no kids I'm serious relationship that's my Whatsapp number (+233546676261) add me if you are interested and chat more there and know each other I'm not for naked picture or naked body pictures I'm not for fake people's I'm here for real people's


Realguy, Realguy

Am a gentle person and i need a good woman that will love me more..... I hate cheating and lies . I love to stay with the person that love me more. If u ar interested in me pls msg me nw.... I need a good caring woman from anywhere pls its urgent.i would to be in any relationship from anywhere .. Pls. Am ready to go any where for the sake of love ........because i always love people .


Focus500, I am single

I'm frank am from United States am so honest and trustworthy I don't cheat and I don't hurt I need a sugar baby does not want nudes or sex picture all I need is companionship no nudes or sex picture And before any chat you most promise me to be honest and trustworthy and I like traveling from one place to another I sells cars and I need more customers so I like meeting people to no more about my job am a kind person am single

Frank Alice

Frank Alice, I need sugar baby to spoil with weekly allowance

Hi guys, I am a single Korean woman who lives and work in Canada. I live by myself in an apartment. I work as an Administrative assistant for an IT company. I have bad experience from my last relationship with my ex boyfriend. I am now looking for a nice gentleman who treats Asian ladies with respects and honor. He must be honest and faithful in love and relationship. No sleeping around with other women. Drop me some words.

Maria Koo

Maria Koo, I need to find a lover at this dating app

I need to get a married now but I am also a student now I need a man how can spend his life with me and I will spend my life with him before the ending of my life I am a single I need a single guy looking for me I'm not going to make her feel bad but I will make the man happy all the time so my name is Richlast from Australia I no that nem now are coming over I can get married to a man from 45 to 50 if you like remember I a student


Richlast, I'm a woman and I need a man how can live with me and love me forever

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