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Let me start out being honest, and we can go from there. Last time I posted on a dating site I was swamped with messages, but not one close relationship resulted.

I am looking for a younger female pen-pal/chat with the opportunity for a long term relationship, not an encounter. You should be currently in the U.S. You can be any race, color, or creed; but you should be a warm intelligent person, and it should be OK with you to maintain an email correspondence that is warm, comforting, inter-supportive, and possibly romantic, and/or flirty/sexy.

If we get along online, we can go from there.

I am a white male, 47 (and got carded the last time I close shaved and bought beer). I am divorced, no kids, and no girlfriend. I don\'t want married women or women who are in bad relationships contacting me. Firstly because I don\'t want to feel conflicted, and I know I am not second best. Besides, I am not going to come and rescue you from your mistakes, or be the shoulder you cry on when you have problems with the guy you are sleeping with. And yes, people on-line have lied to me about this stuff (big surprise huh?), but when I find out it usually means I break it off because the trust is gone.

I am a self-educated physicist, inventor and researcher working on the cutting edge of high energy physics. I hold patents in hydrogen fusion technology. I sincerely believe this research is going to play a major role in solving the global energy crisis. I can email you the most recent patent and show you how it works. I am also in the process of publishing the background research and documentation in book form.

I am a public person, and before we get serious about corresponding can google me. I have documented a lot of my prior art directly into the public domain.

I live and work in a very remote area in S. Texas, and it would be wonderful to find someone on-line that has time to correspond. It would be even more wonderful to find someone that keeps later hours, and would be available to chat, or play games on-line on occassion. I like backgammon, cards, stuff like that. I love to send and recieve ecards.

I don\'t keep a contacts list full of women and play games. I had a neigbor I visited with for occasional company, but she injured herself and is gone. So I don\'t drop by for a cup of coffee anymore. I have/had a wonderful pen-pal for a number of years, we still write on occassion, but her on-line time has become very limited, and while we still correspond, it\'s brief and infrequent. I miss having an occasional chat, or meeting on-line for a game date too.

I am physically fit, as my environment requires that I maintain myself in the best possible condition.

As for clothing styles... Out here in the summer, why bother wearing any?

I am looking for a younger woman who is emotionally stable, kind, warm, understanding, and patient. I don\'t care about your past so much as what you strive to be in the future. You should be ready to settle down into a relationship, you should want kids. As I mentioned elsewhere, I live and work in a very remote area... A \"city girl\" may have problems adjusting to life here... But the environment more than makes up for the lack of city conveniences to me. I cannot relocate because my research laboratory is here, and I own property where I intend to build.

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