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I live near to the water. I get to watch sunrises every morning. I find solace in sunrises. I enjoy great food,wine and music. I try to not let life get to me. I have had a few knocks in this life and try to not pass on any baggage.I wish to laugh,love and enjoy the rest of my years on this rock

my hair is long, there is some grey in it.But i like to think it is not noticeable (yea right). I like to say that I was built for comfort not for speed. I dont know what to say about my style,I wear what appeals to me. If i feel good I go for it. Now if I offend your eyes if I like you Iwill do something about it,BUY if I dont you will be told to look the other way!I do have multiple tats. Iwear clothes that normally cover them. I was wild as a teen and young adult,but dont regret my past because my past has made me what I am today.

I am looking for friendship first. I have learned ,if I dont like you as a person, even if we have a sexual bond,the relationship is doomed. I do not wish to waste my time or his time if we do not click. I am a God fearing,God loving, God worshipping catholic. I may not attend mass every week, but I live my life in a way that I will not be ashamed to stand before God come judgement day.I also am a very open minded female.I try my best to see the good in everyone.I do not believe in total evil,at one time satan was an angel.
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