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OK just read and listen and try to understand . . . First im not beautiful or even sexy body. but if you wish to meet a real lady and not using someone else pictures then its me. . No lies and secrets. nor games. im nothing to hide. im loyal and honest but of course open to share anything about my self my back ground my past or what ever you wish to know me. i have a good intentionaly to be here i dont want to cause of any problems about meeting. my honesty is always and its good to be true. Just an ordinary lady like others. but i can assure you i am the lady you can trust or maybe the lady of your dreams that you make me proud. . im sweet. simple and humble very down to earth person but most especially hard working and just home body person. im just simply unique with having a great sense of humor funny girl but not material girl. approachable. appreciative. not choosy and always like simple things. Im new to this. I been hurt and broken hearted lady. Just hoping and waiting and trying for the last time. i know its not easy. Please Read this: If you only want for s*x or interested only to talk about s*x. then you have to join porn site. remember its a dating site . . i do not interested to talk some one who only want for s*x. Im sorry to say but just want be honest only Im here for real and serious about my search and willing to build serious relationship. i dont mind about s*x but i believe s*x there will be the right time to talk about that. . Im willing to meet and willing to relocate Im looking for love first before s*x. Take it or leave it. just waiting but not pursuing. I dont need city place i just want a peaceful and a quite place just like a province. . I dont like crowded places or noisy people. I would love to cook. dancing and singing. i love flowers and animals and gardern farm. im not weird but i just want to be honest only. But im just a friendly person now i have a good heart Just a province girl simple and just an ordinary lady beautiful heart with good intention to be here my honesty is always i am loyal and honest and always willing to share anything and everything about my self no lies and secrets nor games no time for games i been hurt and broken hearten lady not once not twice but many times . . im free and ready and single for so many years. I m nothing to hide. I like a quite and peaceful places. I dont like crowded or noisy but i have a great sense of humor with good personality im just home body woman and hard working always like simple things and easy to laugh. Im approachable and appreciative and respectful understanding and good moral values. I am loving sweet and simple caring and im one woman man God believer of course im here because im willing to meet in person. Willing to relocate and move to live to another country. Im not a bar girls im just simply unique and different type of lady My honesty is always. im nothing to hide no lies and secrets. Honest and open anything about my self its good to be true because im willing to meet in person and i dont want to get in trouble or cause of any problems about meeting in person. im just an ordinary lady simple but sweet loving and caring just home body person and hard working lady. to be honest im not a bar girl im just a quite a shy type person. But im very friendly approachable and appreciative and always like simple things easy to laugh and just funny girl i have a great sense of humor. im single for almost 6 years, alone and independent im not choosy but i dont like more friends its hard to trust because i been hurt and broken hearted lady im broadminded person. . im new to this i know its not easy but patien is a virtue. as what people said think more positive because i always believe once you are a good person with beautiful heart then God will make a way and God will provide God works God always give a perfect timing. . Im not perfect because no one perfect in this world but i always try to do my the right things always i dont want to hurt people or to commit a sin meausuring of faith and salvation I m free and ready and i will say yes i am willing to meet and willing to relocate that is why i decided to join here . but i think joining here its not easy it seems like competition . there are a lot of beautiful and sexy member on this dating site but at this time i will try my self to join here for just hoping and praying to meet someone that will be my life time partner But i know my self its not easy. especially i may not beautiful or even sexy body. If you can see my pictures i have so many prickles on my face i have big mouth and pouted lips and i have a black hair and eyes But the only one thing for sure is. i have a good intentionally here. im not here for playing games. im here no lies and secrets and most especially im nothing to hide. i m always willing to share anthing and everything about my self about my back ground my past or what ever you wish to know about me. . Im just an ordinary lady and working only as a domestic helper in the philippines I always like simple things. easy to laugh a funny girl but i have a great sense of humor. im not wierd im just simple and humble only. people say i am very understandind and respectful with always stand my loyalty and faithful. i am serious and sincere about love and relationship. I dont like to stay a crowded places or noisy people. I love to stay a quite and a peaceful place. i love animals and appreciative person just home body type lady and hard working. My wish is to become a good wife not the perfect wife but the best wife that you make me proud. . happy wife an happy life living an easy life. why i am joining here because im single 8 years. and been hurt and broken hearted lady. . . Im new to this but i will try to trust this dating site for the very last time. especially its not easy for me to come online. Someone one who convience me to join this dating site. i just meet a filipino lady at catholic church and shes married a foreign man but when they sharing thier story and testimony how they just meet and found and they said because of the dating site . . so i was encourage my self to join then since i am ready people say im not beautitul . i always encountered of . bullying and violence in my country In the philippines my looks so ugly looks like a monkey some people call me alligator and they laugh because of what i have looks. The real beautiful in the philippines unless you change a lot. surgery to get pointed nose. blond hair and eye lenses to have color eyes and whitening skin. thats why many people who use of any whitening chemicals. People in the philippines they dont see whats in your heart. But i understand because beauty is the eye of beholder But for me the real measure of beauty is what you a person is what in your heart.

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