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Metaphysical. Kind, gentle, sensual. Enjoy massages. Into nutrition & natural healing modalities ~ plain thinking & simple living. No smoking, alcohol, pakalolo, drugs, allopathic medications, etc. A believer in the Golden Rule. Value almost any kind of mild physical exercise together for physical health & emotional release. Interested in harmonizing intimately & honestly on all levels ... & growing together over time. Would like to read aloud to you various metaphysical gems ... as well as researches into little known energies which currently control our planet & subliminally dominate mass consciousness. (For examples of the latter, please visit "Krishna Davinci" on Farcebook. [Note: On Saturday, January 20, 2018, Fascistbook shut down Krishna Davinci's 8-year-old account for spreading too much truth. With nearly 5,000 "friends" & over 100 new "friend requests" every day, the page threatened the New Weird Odor with awakening too many sheeple to the reality of hidden global control & spiritual involution/evolution.]) I enjoy baroque classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin ...). I'm NOT looking for a "goddess" who is so full of herself that she does not treat others considerately (while pursuing a superficial self-centered agenda) so there is no need for her to write me at goodvibes 1378 at y'hoo dot kom. I AM looking for a sensitive caring woman who transcends fashionable stereotypes; she is a clean healthy open-minded friend who enjoys warm relaxed love-making. Intuitive abilities, empathetic proclivities, and awareness of realms beyond the five physical senses are a plus. All such consciousness of course is of the highest spiritual essence, & she attracts truly divine inspiration into our lives as we expand our horizons together in sublime understanding & mutual happiness.
Human awareness is about 50% OBjective & 50% SUBjective. Many new-agers believe it's 100% SUBjective ... & consequently are disappointed when their visualizations do NOT manifest into physical reality as expected.
Here are a few metaphysical concepts the understanding of which might help you to exit the mental matrix:
1.) There was no absolute beginning & there shall be no end. You've always existed (& always will) in some form.
2.) Continual cycles of CHANGE are what begin & end. And there are cycles within cycles within cycles within ...
3.) Man created "God" in his own image.
4.) God actually is everything.
5.) God fragments herself into us because she is bored in the oneness. (But she LOVES to put Humpty Dumpty back together again!)
6.) We are ONE in God, & God is MANy in us.
7.) The "I" (consciousness) within you is the "I" within me ... & this is the correct basis for the Golden Rule ~ because what I do to you I actually am doing to myself.
8.) Consciousness is contrast. Our only means of perceiving anything is through CONTRAST. (This is why the yin-yang symbol is so profound.)
9.) Therefore bad is just as important as good. The dance of the universe requires both in equal proportions.
10.) Currently on Earth the pendulum has swung so far toward the bad that we all (nearly) are striving for good.

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