Dragonfly101751: Single Woman in United States

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Albuquerque, United States
LGBT gay or les friends
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I enjoy spending time with special friends who share my creative hobbies and interests. My family is very close and loving and my 4lb. Yorkie keeps me company
I have a good sense of humor, enjoy laughing a lot, am honest and open in my communication with people, and prefer them to be that way with me. Finding a partner to share more areas of my life is important. Although, I am doing fine alone, meeting the love of my life would be a delicious addition.

At 5'6" I feel I am of average height. I am slender in build, with blue eyes and long blonde hair. I dress casual most days since I work from home, although I thoroughly enjoy dressing up and going someplace fancy.

Men who can communicate their thoughts and feelings and are willing to share them with someone special are the ones I am looking for. I love being with someone who is genuine, affectionate and enjoys all that life has to offer. I appreciate a great sense of humor and love intellectually stimulation conversation. Even though I am happy at home, I would love to travel with someone and see new places.

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