My Favorite Day Trips

My favorite day-trips in Southern Illinois have been ghost tours in Alton, Lebanon, and one I took with my late girlfriend involving a bus trip to various Southern Illinois haunted sites. I'm no ghost hunter. I'm content to hear the stories from those who are, although I enjoy touring the paraphrae Bilbo Baggins, "adventures make one late for dinner." The open house in October to the History and Hauntings Bookstore in Alton is nice, and since it's free the price is right and you get to hear from a bunch of writers and ghost hunters about their favrotie ghost stories. There's also the annual early January dinner at a haunted hotel that's only about 10 minutes drive away (I enjoy the dinner and talking to friends and hearing the story of the haunting and taking a brief walk-through). Best of all is the annual visit to the summer ghost conference of the American Ghost Society in Decatur. Other unrelated day-trips I enjoy are to Cahokia Mounds, the French-built Fort deChartres, that sort of thing. The longest distance I've gone on my trips in the past year or so have been to the Greater St Louis Renaissance Fair in May in Wentzville, a couple hours drive (it's way on the other side of the city) and the Decatur ghost conference (also about a couple hours drive). Farther afield, I would like to visit Chattanooga...very dramatic setting...and a great Civil War battlefield where I'd like to spend some more time than during the one hour layover seven years ago. But I'd prefer to have company, of course.

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