Do Online Relationships At Dating Services Last Long?

Today, paid and free dating services have connect thousands of relationships every week, month, and year. Online relationships have been the rage for quite some time now. The proliferation of the dating websites, especially the free dating websites have facilitated the growth of internet relationships big time. These dating websites make it really easy for interested people to find dating partners and start dating. The proliferation of the dating websites is also an indication of the fact that the concept of internet relationships has really become popular all over the globe.

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However, people have also simultaneously engaged in a raging debate over the sustainability of the online dating. Clearly, there are two schools of thought. One school of thought believes that internet relationships are not only a great thing to happen, but an online relationship is here to stay. The other school of thought believes that an online relationship is a temporary relationship and can only bring momentary enjoyment. This school of thought believes that nothing beats the conventional relationships as they are for the long term.

Obviously, both schools of thought hold extreme points of view and probably, the truth lies somewhere in between the extreme views. Let us examine the sustainability of an online relationship from an unbiased point of view.

The main reason the online relationships have become such a hit among many people all over the world is the easy access to partners. In fact, many of the free dating websites let one build internet relationships for free. All one needs is a computer, internet connection and a profile of at least one of the dating websites and one is good to go.

The websites act as the bridge between two willing individuals and then it is totally up to the individuals to take it from there. The main difference between an online relationship and a conventional relationship is probably the fact that while one can define one’s requirements and search for suitable partners accordingly, conventional relationships may not always allow one to plan one’s search for partners.

One must however, be careful about committing too early in an online relationship, even if the chosen partner seems to fulfil all requirements. This is because there is no way to evaluate the credentials or the intentions of one’s dating partner easily. There have indeed been a few cases of heartbreaks and other unpleasant incidents purely because one of the partners acted hastily without verifying the credentials and intentions of the other partner.

However, there have also been many cases of online relationship maturing into a long term relationships. Indeed, it is a matter of being careful and using one’s discretion. If one is really into an online relationship for a short term enjoyment, then one is prepared for its imminent termination. However, for people who are seeking for long term relationships, it pays to be careful and slow in the beginning. That is the phase when one must carefully evaluate the information and more importantly, the intentions of the other partner. This may not guarantee a long term relationship but will certainly prevent unpleasant incidents like heartbreaks.

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